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Attention: All new members must use Dust 514 / Eve Online character name. Fail to do so will be result of removal from forum.
Sorry for not having forum fully updated. Events have occurred and will be fully running with in 2 weeks of time. Thank you for being patient and baring with us as we get things worked on.

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    Post by Ryki Kaido on Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:19 pm

    In this area, you are able to introduce yourself to the alliance and the corporations that are in this forum.

    copy, paste, and fill the info below best you can in your own topic:

    In-Game name:

    Game( Dust 514 or EVE Online):

    Character Race:


    Note: Information will be giving the alliance better detail on a individual player. (This information is not needed in this section for these corporations/Groups:Alliance Members, Dogz O War, girlz-with-gunz, and Guests. Selected corporations/Groups are to post thier information in their corp/group sections.)

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